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Different Drummer PapiShuo2 Commodity: Sugar

Homoerotica: The Art That
Dares to Speak Its Name

16 works
Selections from an exhibition held October 1980 at Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica. All works in gouache on found wood. Images suggested by the grain, texture and form of the wood were enhanced and brought to the fore.

Puosjinetik Kuod

8 works
Evolution progresses through the process of selection. Language is a postgenetic code providing further differentiation and complexification in response to environmental stimuli. New codes are established and successful ones survive and are passed on. Patwa is a postgenetic code that identifies Jamaicans as reliably as any DNA.

Commodity Series

3 works
The artist had been engaged in environmental sustainability efforts but arrived at the conclusion that all efforts would be to no avail unless the underlying monetary system which facilitated greed and exploitation was addressed. The pursuit of profit has been responsible for the subjugation of people, destruction of the environment, and abuse of resources predating the colonial era to present-day economic slavery and widespread poverty. While the Commodity Series references Jamaica, the inequity and injustice of exploitative relationships are global.


  • 1966-1967   Studied with Gloria Escoffery , Jamaican poet and painter
  • 1971   Graduate, California College of Arts & Crafts, BFA degree
  • 1979   Annual National Exhibition, National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
  • 1980   "Homoerotica: The Art that Dares to Speak its Name," Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
  • 2016   Digital Exhibit, National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica


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