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Dear Friends:

Christmas is perhaps one of the few popular conventions to which I capitulate, simply because its essence is love, which gives us the opportunity to express that which we may be reluctant to reveal at other times. Expectedly, I eschew the mythology which surrounds the festival which makes a wonderful children’s story, but hey, most of us have long passed the stage where our intellectual curiosity is satisfied with fairy tales.

The birth of Jesus The Christ is significant, not because He came to save the world, but because He came to show us life more abundant. He was the sample and example of what we are. At the very centre of our beings is a divine spark of unlimited splendour, cradled in the relatively gross manger of the human body. When we become aware of who we really are, it is that birth of awareness which is heralded by angels and marked by the appearance of supernovas.

This soul essence has long been sought by untold sages exploring inner mysteries, following intuitive guidance and learning from Nature. Unlike the three Wise Men, we need not traverse afar for the jewel we seek is right where we are.

My wish for you is that you embark with renewed intent to discover and reveal hitherto hidden layers and dimensions of yourself as we share in this journey called life.

This past year has been very good for me, despite the apparent lag in the economy. I have been less involved with the craft business, operating more as a consultant. My design skills have been applied mostly in-house, but I have begun to offer spiritual counselling and workshop facilitation as I make my way on the path of realization. The path has taken me to four European countries, the US and Haiti this year, the most travelling I have done in any year. I enjoyed experiencing new places and seeing some of you.

My mother made the transiton in September, 2 days before her 84th birthday. Thankfully, she was not ill, but died in her sleep. We had a wonderful New Age/Chinese celebration for her at the Temple of Light, complete with tai-chi, incense and burnt offerings, followed by dinner. It was one of the few occasions when almost all of my biological family came together. A chapter in my life has come to a close and I look forward to the next one.

So far it seems it may be a more reflective, contemplative one as I am being drawn to more reading and writing and working with plants. I have renewed my interest in orchids and my collection got a good boost with some plants from my niece Betty.

The New Year can bring only more joys and new challenges. I wish for you the very best.
Love, Peace & Joy
and Merry Christmas!

© 1998